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Brooke Richardson dont-txt-n-drive Foundation Incorporated
ABN 90 795 683 366
Help Promote The
Dont-txt-n-drive Cause
With An
Awareness Ribbon
$2 Each
All Items Posted Within Australia Are Postage Free!
For Overseas Orders a Postage Amount Will Be Incured.
The keyrings are one of our
most popular products!
They are a great reminder
of the dangers of texting
and driving!
Great for company cars or
kids backpacks!
$3 Each
Wristbands are a great way
to start educating the
younger generation about
the issue of texing and
$2 Each
There is no better way to get the
message out on the road! Get a bumper
sticker on your car and in the face of
everyone who uses the road! $2 Each
If you are worried about
someone texting and driving
get them an iphone 6 cover to
remind them constantly of the
$2 Each
If you want to purchase a  range of our
awareness items for a great deal why not get our
single pack!
1 Bumper Sticker
1 Wristband
1 Keyring
1 Awareness Ribbon
All For $7
If you want to purchase your family a  range of our
awareness items for a great deal why not get our
FAMILY pack!
3 Bumper Stickers
3 Wristbands
3 Keyrings
3 Awareness Ribbons
All For $18
If you have a company and would
like to purchase a bulk order of our
products please email us to get a
great deal.
If you would rather not use paypal and
would like to direct credit your payment
please email us for our bank details.
contact us at
Our lanyards are a great way to keep
your keys safe and are great to keep  
that USB easy to  locate!
$6 Each
These thumb bands will ensure you
constantly remember the Dont-txt-n-drive
$1 Each
Our pens are fantastic! The bright orange is a
great way to make sure no one has your pen!
(Black ink)
$2 Each
For those people who wish to make a straight donation
please see the link. All money raised goes back into the
education and awareness of the texting and driving
issue. We thank you for you support!
You don't want to stick a sticker on your car
duco? Don't stress, you can now get these
car window stickers! You apply them to
your  car window from the inside of the car.
They are easy to be  removed and  
re-applied! They are roughly the size of a  
'L' or 'P' plate and they are a great way to
make sure other road users get the
$3 Each
Click on photo for an enlargement
What a great way to make sure you
remember our important message than
with these vanilla car air fresheners!
$2 Each
These phone pouches stop all reception to
your phone! No more switching the phone
to silent and then forgetting you did so.
Just pop your phone in the pouch while
$6 Each
Click Photo For
These stubby holders share the constant
reminder with people how important the
don't-txt-n-drive message is!
$6.50 Each