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Brooke Richardson dont-txt-n-drive
Foundation Incorporated
Our Foundation is a non-profit incorporated association
formed with the objective of breaking the cycle of driver's
texting whilst in control of a motor vehicle. Brooke died on the
4th of December 2012 whilst texting and driving to work.

This Foundation was approved and incorporated by NSW Fair
Trading Department on the 15th of March 2013.

We have a committee of management which oversees the
raising of funds, and the usage of those funds, to achieve our
objectives. These objectives centre on education and awareness
of our campaign against texting and driving.
Brooke Richardson dont-txt-n-drive Foundation Incorporated
ABN 90 795 683 366
Brooke Richardson dont-txt-n-drive Foundation Inc.
is now registered with the Australian Charities and
Not-for-profits Commission.
contact us at
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Foundation raise funds?

Awareness Items
The foundation has a number of ways to raise funds. One major fund raiser is
through the awareness items that are available for people to purchase within
Woolworths Stores in and around North East Victoria or on our website. Within the
stores all the items are a gold coin donation but online they have a fixed price to
help cover postage costs. These items are a great way to get other peoples
attention to the texting and driving issue!

"Orange Days"
Another great way we raise funds is through our Dont-txt-n-drive awareness days!
These are called "Orange Days" and they are held by schools, sporting groups or
businesses. The format of the "Orange Days" is totally flexible. It is up to the group
how they want these days to run.  The day is conducted by the group and the
Foundation helps by  supplying awareness items and signage to assist in raising
funds.  Some ideas for running an "Orange Days" are, an orange dress day for a
gold coin donation, trivia night, auctions, bucket collection, cake stall
really the ideas are endless! So why would a club or group have an "Orange Day"
what do they get out of it? If a group has one of these days and raises funds then
the Dont-txt-n-drive Foundation will donate the money back into your
group! The foundation will purchase permanent signage to be erected  at you
venue. This will ensure that the message is carried well into the  future, not just the
day of the fundraiser.

Community Events
The Dont-txt-n-drive Foundations ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the
dangers of texting and driving to all parts of not only Australia but the world. To do
this we travel far and wide to attend many different kinds of events. While at these
events we sell our awareness items and on occasions have raffles. We have
attended markets, car shows, football matches, speedway meets and music
festivals just to name a few. If you need us we will attend!

The Brooke Richardson Dont-txt-n-drive Foundation Inc. also relies on
funding support through the generous donations gained through not only the
business sector but also from individuals. People have started to  realise that by
donating funds to our cause this may just be a smart investment. How many
businesses or people rely on the roads for their company or for everyday life? And
how many companies or people want to lose an employee or a loved one to road
trauma? By donating to Dont-txt-n-drive this allows us to put more effort into bigger
projects and make a difference to the  roads sooner rather than later!

What are the funds used for?

All funds are invested back into road safety.  Sometimes this may be the investment
of new awareness items to replenish our stock. We also reinvest the funds raised
on "Orange Days" back into that local community (as stated above) to ensure the
community receives the full benefit of their hard work. These signs are expected to
have a life span of at least ten years. That is a lot of people that will  be exposed to
the Dont-txt-n-drive message.

The foundation has some ideas in the pipeline of how to inject the money back into
road safety but due to the  foundation being in its infancy stages plans  need to be
made and then implemented which takes time.  Unfortunately most projects are
costly and the foundation needs to have the available funds to make these ideas  
come to fruition. But in saying that this only makes us work harder!

Ideas for Dont-txt-n-drive Raod Saftey Strategies
  • Major signage on Hwys

  • A care package issued when passing 'L' plates or first driving lesson

  • The purchase of truck curtains to be used as a moving billboard

  • Production of truck awareness stickers donated to truck companies

  • The production of a mobile phone app to support safer driving habits

Our Main Goal!
For the Dont-txt-n-drive message to be as common as the speeding and drink
driving messages! Until that day we will not stop what we are doing!

If you have any questions or ideas of any kind please don't hesitate to
contact us at either email below! We welcome any input!