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The Foundation would like to introduce to
the public our Ambassador Corey Walton!
Helping out in spreading the word is driving star on the rise and
new ambassador for Don’t-txt-n-drive Corey Walton. Corey is a
talented young driver who is carving out a stellar career behind the
wheel. But even as easy as he may find driving, he knows the
dangers associated with losing concentration. “In racing, if you take
your eyes off the road for a second you could lose more than just
the race,” Corey said. “It is much the same for those out on the
road, there is just too much danger.” The Don’t-txt-n-drive
Foundation was formed following the tragic death of Brooke
Richardson on December 4, 2012. Brooke is believed to have sent
a text message right before the accident that claimed her life near
Yarrawonga. Vicki Richardson wanted to raise awareness about
the dangers of texting and driving so that other families would not
suffer the same grief as hers has since losing Brooke.

Vicki was more than happy to announce Corey as an ambassador
for the foundation. “We are all very excited to have Corey helping
us spread the word,” Vicki said. “Corey is at that age where the
kids are most impressionable and to have someone of that
generation really putting the message out there will really help our

“It is win-win for everybody.” Corey’s father Chris is also very much
behind the cause.“It is crazy how much it happens,” he said.
“Driving along in the truck with Corey’s cars you see it all the time, it
is like the phone is glued to the hand and the car is just out of
control.“We knew Brooke quite well and I think the whole town was
really affected by what happened which is why we are more than
happy to lend our support in any way we can.”

Vicki said that “the timing is right” for having Corey come on board
to help with promotion.“We are at the stage now where the word is
getting out there more and more,” she said. Vicki herself has been
busy heading to different schools and programs to tell her story in
the hope it can get through.“Last week I spoke in Bendigo and next
week we are off to Temora for a Coolheads program.

“We are doing the car shows, we are putting up signs and we are
now looking into getting transport companies to put up moving
billboards; that’s our next step.”“It is such a good program for
awareness,” Corey said.“When people see the colour orange, they
will think about the Don’t-txt-n-drive Foundation.”

To lend your support to this fantastic cause, head to: www.dont-txt- or look them up on Facebook.

Written by Jason Marks Corowa Free Press
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