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A Message from Brooke's mum Vicki

I would like to take a moment to thank the members of the
public for their overwhelming support for not only myself and
my family but also for our extended family and friends. Brooke
was a big part of our world and as you can imagine our world
will never be the same.

As our Youtube clip shows Brooke always wanted to make a
difference to someone's life and I believe that the texting and
driving message is how Brooke is going to achieve that goal.

Due to my family and I helping Brooke achieve that goal it
helps us keep going each day and gives us faith that there is a
purpose for everything in life and this is Brooke's purpose. It is
our goal as a Foundation to ensure other families dont have to
go through the same heartache and pain due to the horrible
circumstances of road trauma, especially due to texting and

Please feel free to have a look around our website to get to
know our Foundation. We are a not-for-profit organisation that
has around 30 members and this number is increasing
constantly. The Foundation is made up of people that loved
Brooke and want to do their best for her and the
Dont-txt-n-drive message.

The Foundation is constantly evolving and growing. Although
we are only new our achievements are nothing short of

One achievement that still amazes us everyday is the newly
implemented law in the state of Victoria that Ted Baillieu MP
dubbed Brooke's Law! This law states learner drivers, P1 or
P2 drivers are not allowed to use a mobile phone in thier car
while driving under any circumstances and for those on a
higher licence if they get caught with the phone not in hands
free mode then they will face a loss of 4 demerit points and a
$433 fine.

As much as this was a big win for road safety it is still our
belief that the only way we will change the attitudes of people
when it comes to texting and driving is through awareness and

Thirty years ago the drink driving laws were introduced and
many said it will never make a difference. But through the
media campaigns and education that have been in the faces of
society, most people understand the dangers of drink driving
and they wont take the risk.

If you speak to the police about drink driving they will tell you
its the older generation that wont change their ways. Most
teens understand the dangers and will organise their
designated driver for the night.

So with that said we believe the dont-txt-n-drive message is a
message that has to be saturated into society. We need to
immerse people in the horrific outcomes of texting and driving.

Sadly though there are generations out there that have
already created the habit. A habit like Brooke had developed
and one I asked her only 12mths before to stop doing.

It is our goal to push this message into society and make sure
this message becomes as popular as the drink driving and
speeding advertising.

To achieve this we will promote our message on social media
via our Facebook page Dont-txt-n-drive, we visit schools and
sporting groups and I will tell the horrible truth about what one
fatal text can do to not only you but also your family.

We also have many awareness programs which are listed
within the site.

Please if you have any questions do not hesitate in contacting
me! Because I believe, together we can make a difference!